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Alloy wheel repair?


My 04 GT has picked up some curb damage to the wheels-one most notably.Exactly what do wheel repair guys do to correct this rash? (I'm imagining that spinning it on a wheel balancing machine and cutting it back a bit would be a good remedy...file work at home I could do myself.) Thanks...Also thinking that buying one new wheel would be a good idea-then I could keep mobile while one is out for doctoring.

I don't see how you could bring that wheel back to it's original condition by filing or any other method.  If you want an original looking one, then just buy a new one or put up with the scar.  In the meantime, stay off the curb. 

There are companies in this area that do wheel restoration but it is expensive. Soaring is right you can buy a new one, look for a good used one or cleanup your the best you can. I have never had luck cleaning mags after they have been scuffed. Good luck

keep an eye on just pick the town closest to you and type in mustang parts

Alloy wheels from the factory are most always "sealed" with a clear coat to prevent the aluminum from corrosion.  If you do some home prepping, be sure to clear coat the area after you've polished it with some clear coat or it will look nasty in a hurry. :(


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