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94 gt body kit install tips


 ???  OK. I just purcheased a 1994 mustang gt 5.0 HO. The guy threw in a complete body kit with hood, front/rear bumper covers and side skirts. The kit was minus install instructions of course. He forgot where he ordered it from and I need some help figuring out how to install side skirts. The front bumper cover is on with a little difficulty. No holes in the fiberglass kit, so I had to dry fit the kit and drill my own holes. Im trying to figure out if I have to remove old skirts to install new ones, or just put new ones on top of old skirts? Any tips would be helpful. Also, my power steering fluid is black and gritty. I tried to use a turkey baster and kinda flush and fill the pump. Im afraid to pull the return because of it being a fragile part, as well as the ac lines in the way.

the body kit is as you wondered, unless its nice oem style parts from a place like your gonna have to mod it. as for removing the factory side skirt more than likely the answer is yes but some do fit on top of the oem stuff.

as for remove the old skirts there are some trim clips on the underside of the car and the rest more than likely snap in the face of the rocker with the possibility of some screws at the ends of the panels. best way to find out is jump head first :) as for the fluid you can pull on one of the lines loose from the rack if you dont want to pull it from the p/s pump i recently removed my return line with no problems mine is a 95

Well, trouble in michigan. I went ahead and dry fit the side skirt. As it turns out, I have to remove the stock skirts and the rear cooler vent for the brakes. I jumped head first into removing this and found out the wrong way to do so! First off, the side rear vent has got to be removed from inside the car. You have to remove a trim panel from the back seat and there are 3 bolts holding in the panel. I went and pried the vent off and it broke into tiny pieces due to being fiberglass. No big deal to me, but I could have resold them if I took more care. Second, there was a significant amount of rust built up inside the vent. I will post some pics if I can figure out how to. Thirdly, The side skirt I have for the car must be "Modified" to fit. I have to cut it into 2 pieces and refiberglass the seam. I am a hands on guy and appreciate things more if I do them, but I HIGHLY reccommend you get a pro to install your kits. More to come!

Just a stab at the dark here but hopefully a responce will come, I happen to have a 95 mustang and I am about to install the exact kit you have on your stang, the same color mustang as well. So I was wondering if you had other photos of it, and any other tips from your install. I noticed the same thing about the side skirts when I tried to nstall it before. Just any help all around would be appreciated. Thanks


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