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72 coupe roof progress, hoping it can be saved...


ok doing roof of a 72 coupe in 2 sections, front and back.  Starting with the front since that is where the rust seemed the most threatining.  Have it sanded and stripped from window to 8 in. back all the way across. There are several 'dimples' across the top in a couple of spots, with those I sanded down to the sheet metal 1 1/2 inches out around the dimples.  Sanding was done with a 60 grit paper to allow plenty of grip for the bondo.  I could not locate POR 15 and ended up going with Klean-Strip Rust Remover and is design to desolve and neutrlize rust.  Letting it sit and desolve rust for another 45 minutes then on to bondo/filler.  Any suggestions or concerns please leave a post.

are you welding the holes closed before filler? you do know that filler absorbs water right? at min i would be putting fiberglass mat/resin down before the filler....


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