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68 coupe seats


The seats for my '68 coupe were stored out of the cars for ? yrs when I bought the car. When I looked at the seat frame the small wires are all rusted through. Is this something that is easily fixed or do I need different seat frames? If I need different frame, what years interchange?

I know that 67 and 68 are almost identical.  Are you trying to stay original for a show car?

I'm trying to keep the car as original as I can. Not nesseccarily show car but real close.

A local interior shop may be able to repair the old ones.  If you're not in any hurry then you may just have to be patient and keep checking craigslist, ebay or do a salvage parts search but I think most of those salvage parts have been taken.  You might check into swap meets also.  Last resort would be to shell out more $ and get replacements from a Mustang parts shop like Mustangs Unlimited or NPD.

The only aftermarket replacement frames go up to 1967, but I seriously doubt there is any difference in the 67-68.  You are going to need to cover them anyway.  I wouldn't waste time looking for used ones.  Most likely they will be rusted out anyway.  Check with CJ Pony Parts. 


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