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67 mustang interior paint finish satin,semi gloss, % of gloss. which is original


I need hlep. What is closest to original finish for a 67 mustang interior.  Is it satin, semi - gloss, a % of gloss. Mine is black if it makes any differance. If someone has the correct color that would also be helpful. Thank You

Welcome to th forum. For 1967 thru 73, Ford used a color for black interiors called "Charcoal Black Metallic". It is available at most internet or phone order Mustang stores in a spray can. I don't know the tone spec, satin, semi-gloss etc, but that paint is the correct one. I recoment you do some surfing of Mustang parts suppliers to see what's available. Try National Parts Depot they have a store in Florida. There are others.

Yeah, as Jim said, contact the Mustang suppliers to get the information you need.  You will most likely wind up with a color dye for the plastic parts, and real paint for the metal parts.  Just remember that preparation of the surface is the most important process. 

Thank you for the information.

Just keep your nose to the grindstone by contacting all the Mustang suppliers.  If you need 800 numbers, let us know. 


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