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65 Convertable inner rocker, floor pan and torque box replacement

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Hello, I am new to this forum and the proud owner of a 65 GT Convertable that was passed down to me from my Father, but has been parked in a Barn since 74 with only 65'000m and no engine.
It has rusted along the lower part of the inner rocker panel and floor pan even as far as the torque boxes, now the door jams are even out of wack in the rear, but the whole front end, floor support and rear frame rails are in very good condition and I don't want to part with this car.

Over the years I have managed to save up, and order most of the parts I need to fix the car,  I have $6'500 worth of parts now but I can't find anyone to take on the job. I plan on taking it on myself and understand how big a job it is.
I need some pointers on where to start, do I need to fab a frame jig or could I use jack stands
tack welded to the frame with framing inside the car? Would I start with the front torque box and work to the rear, doing one side at a time?

Some reference pics would be great, and any advice would be greatly appreciated

I'm not sure I'm getting the full picture of the damage.  Can you shoot some digital pics and post them on here? 

In the next few days I can have some pics, will I have to upload them to another site such as Car Domain before I can post them here?

If you have a digital camera, then no.  Just hit the reply button and load them here for us to see. 

Hello see the French forum Mustang rebuild of a convertible 1966 by its owner   :)


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