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1994 Mustang Convertible Stripes and Information

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I just purchased a 1994 Mustang Convertible and it is a Stallion Edition.  The stripe were replaced but the were not put in the original place so I have sticker marks on the hood.  How do I remove the sticker gunk?

Also can anyone tell me what is special about the stallion emblems and stripes.  All I can find is that the spoiler is different and there is the word stallion on the console.


You can use a product called "Goo Gone" to help get rid of the sticky stuff left behind by the tape.  The Stallion was made for the Canadian market, and not too many were made, so hang on to it. 

Thanks for the information! 

Would you happen to know where I could get more info on this car?  Should I ask Ford Motor Co on how many were made?

Just google Mustang Stallion and you will get a lot of information on it.  You will also get a lot of information on the horse as well.   ;D

post pics ive not seen one


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