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1965 Mustang Gold color identification

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Someone contacted me to help him identify the color of the Mustang below. It seems to be a custom color but if I am wrong or if you have any information about that color, it will be appreciated  :)

In 'How to Restore Your Mustang' by Larry Dobbs and Donald Farr, there are exterior color patch samples. That might be a place to start. Over the years, owners repainting their cars get an 'almost' the same or get a slightly different mix due to the changes in paint technology and government regulations. There are three 'almost' 65 colors, Honey Gold, Beige Mist and Antique Bronze, that it may be. I assume that the door data tag is not available so if it's supposed to be original, inside the trunk or under the door scuff plates would be the place to look.

That person saw the photo in the picture gallery but it was submitted by an user before the server crashed and the data was lost so we have no way to contact the original owner. The only hope is that someone will recognize that color with his eyes only  :D

Looks like Prairie Bronze to me.

 Yes we spotted that Prairie Bronze color but it looks different than on the other Mustang.


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