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06 Bumper cracked under chin - 3m rigid or flexible kit to repair?


I have a crack in the lowest part of my front bumper where I hit a concrete block on my 06 Mustang GT.  Cracked my bumper and my heart!

 I am going to use the 3m bumper repair kit, but I have conflicting information!  The book I have has a step by step repair procedure, but calls for the 3M Automix EZ Sand Rigid Parts Repair instead of the 3M Automix EZ Sand FLEXIBLE Parts Repair that most people say to use...

  Which should I order!

 Please advise!


Take it to an auto body repair shop.  It will be cheaper in the long run. 

soaring is right.. if you lived in l.a i know many body shops here personally.. and i would hook you with them..


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