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Australian Mustangs with amber lights

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 It's the European thing to do. You spent time there. The best you can say is - it's different.

I left Germany 5 years ago.  This must be a recent fad among the Europeans.  I know because I owned a German Mercedes, and a German BMW when I was there for 9 years. 

 Your German Mercedes and BMW had amber lights over there and so did all American cars imported since many years. The American continent is probably the only place where you can see red signal lights on cars.
 Here is another option they have when they import a Mustang in the UK and a 91-96 Corvette lens conversion kit

What amber lights are you talking about?  You keep posting examples of red tail lights and are calling them amber.  Are you saying the bulb is amber and the lens is red?  Because what you are posting are pictures of red lenses.  I changed the tail light bulbs on my German cars a few times, and everytime, they were clear. 

On Edit:  AHA!  You are talking about the turn signal lights only.  My 65  and 03 Mach have yellow (possibly called amber) turn signal lights on the front.  But red in the back.  I just didn't understand the statement from the beginning, so yeah... the U.S. built cars have red rear turn signals and are different from the rest of the world.  Welcome to the U.S. of A.  built cars.  They must be pretty popular.  ;D

 The signal lights have to be amber or orange. On some of the photos the lenses are white but with orange light bulbs. The resulting light has to be orange and that's impossible to get if the lenses are red like on most US cars. My point is that all European conversion kits are ugly and the ones on the Australian Shelby are in my opinion much nicer. I was simply looking for information about them in case an European sends me an email or posts in the site  :)

On edit: Yes that's what I meant. I personally like red turn signal lights much better. Nothing nicer than a full width red tail light  :D


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