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Australian Mustangs with amber lights

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You want who to post on here who is from Europe?  Are you daft?   ;D You only have 11 Americans on here. 

 That Shelby is from Australia and there was an Australian member here the day I posted that.  ;D

Yeah, a hundred years ago.   ;D  You need to come to Texas this summer Thierry.  You have most likely never had a Lone Star beer, and you most likely have never ridden an automated bull in a beer joint.  I can guarantee you that Jim and Stephen haven't  either.   ;D

 I did have Lone Star beers before, they are sold in our corner liquor store  :P and there is not many beers I didn't try  :D About the automated bull ridding, that sounds very interesting and I'd like to try that. I am not sure to be able to go to Texas next summer but maybe in a couple years when I'll be ready to buy a rust free classic Mustang  ;D

Since I posted that above, we have managed to get Aussie65 to join.  So now, you have a posting member from Australia. :o


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