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White Smoke roaring out tail pipes.... ?

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Thanks, Jeff... I also got this answer from a mechanic at Ford, and I am really praying he turns out to be right!

"Your fuel pressure regulator has probably gone bad and is letting fuel leak past it and is getting sucked into the motor. remove the vacuum line off of the regulator, its on the fuel rail where the injectors are and had 3 screws in it, if it is wet the regulator has gone bad. just replace it and change the oil if that is the problem."

"You should be able to get the reg from autozone. It is round with 3 allen wrench screws in it the fuel injectors have rails on top of them and it is on top of one of them."

So I will either get it fixed this way, or end up giving Ford a grand to do the heads for me, after I get up under there are get completely lost!

With fuel injection, I could understand the explanation.  A blown head gasket with lowish miles would be unusual, but not unheard of.  Good luck and hope my diagnosis is wrong.

Thank you, Jeff! I will have to wait and see.. First, I have to find the darn thing, under the hood! I have looked twice, but cannot begin to locate it!

Have a very strange problem I bought a 87 ft 5.0 dual sump oil pan  it smokes but runs great I changed the oil and it has about 8 quarts in it so I put the recommend 6 back in it the oil pump doesn't want to pick it up gauge is jumping any elevation at all the gauge drops to 0 lifters start pecking at 7 quarts about the same way a little better tho at 8 quart 40 to 60 psi stedy but here comes the smoke now I no its over filled can it be the pick up tube is bent or has moved some how any info is much helpful


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