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Water Pump & Build Manual


Hello everyone, I've got two questions that have been hindering my rebuild effort.  I'm putting a 5.0 in a 66, but the machine shop didn't give back any of the original bolts to anything beyond the lower air manifold.  So, I bought a bolt kit for the whole thing, but the water pump bolts don't seem to be the right lengths and there are no studs, just bolts.  So, I need help figuring out which bolts go where on the water pump and/or where to find the studs. 

Second question:  Is there a rebuild manual somewhere that covers putting on fuel rails, injectors, distributor, torques!, etc (all the stuff after the air manifold and valve covers?  I've got George Reid's Small Block Ford manual, but he doesn't cover the "final pieces" too much and his engine is carbed anyway.



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