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i have a '87 gt automatic and im looking for the cheapest way to get the most horsepower out of that 5 liter engine.  so far ive added a cool air intake and upgraded to a magnaflow exhaust. does anyone have any ideas that i should do next?? oh i also live in california so smog laws do limit what i can do :(

There's a lot you can do with that engine, but it takes a lot of money to make horsepower.  What are your limits?

thats true. to start off you might wanna go with gears. 4.10's are good for automatics. after that like soaring said, it depends on your budget.

the biggest thing is making sure that anything added is CARB certified.  i can save money to buy things like a supercharger but would rather get the engine ready to handle the power first. i was thinking cheap ideas like a throttle body spacer for example to increase HP

i agree with building it so you can handle the horsepower. that spacer isnt going to do a lot. if supercharger is what youre thinking then start with bottom end. you want to make sure it can handle the power youre going to get with a superchrger.


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