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transmssion shutter


95 f-150:
i have a 4r70w trans it is in a 95 f-150 the truck hAs a slight shutter since new going very slow very light throttle 2 yrs ago the shutter was getting worse so i replaced the con with a hughes performance con problem solved but the truck seemed to lack low end power when towing i brought it to the race track and it lost 4/10 in the quarter i put a reman con from ford performance is back to normal so is the shutter like the original con it shutters every 3 second when going up hill or grade any time it is under load if going slow under light throttle up a hill and i give it gas it shutters bad then unlocks.also when driving sometimes it feels like the con is unlocking and locking back up very only happens in 3 rd gear when the con is locked even in o/d lagging the motor it does not shutter. only 3rd.otherwise the trans runs great.i have replaced the tcc seliniod.all  forums i have everyone seems to have this problem in o/d only.i just installed a new hughes con  2200-2400 stahl no shutter work great


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