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tire size help..


new to the forums.  gettin some drag radials for my fox this weekend. and undecided what size i should get.  my car has a c4 with 4.10 gears.  302 10.5 comp. e cam. carbed.  also 150 shot of juice.  was thinking 275/50/15.  or 275/60/15.  i dont know if ill run out of gear with the 26inch tall tire on the bottle.  i have 8 inch welds in the rear.thanks for the help.

Hey,and welcome to the site fellow Texan, but I don't think you are going to get  a professional answer on this site regarding your nitrous and tire size question.  Dodgestang has a wheel and tire fitment thing that I have posted in the FAQ section on the classic section here.  But, without tubbing, I don't see how drastic drag radial sizes are going to fit unless you actually do tub. 


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