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starting trouble when hot


Hi all,

i just bought a 1987 mustang, 5.0.

i picked it up and it started fine. stopped for gas .... started fine

then I drove about 12 miles home, shut it down then it wouldn't start. it seemed like it was cranking but it didn't catch.

cooled it down and it started right up.

I really know nothing about thisengine, any ideas what I should check?


I am having the same problem with my 86 GT.  What was your fix?

I had the exact same issue with my '91 LX convertible. I ended up chasing the entire fuel system until I found a bad Fuel Pump itself. I'm also having Fuel Pressure Regulator issues at the moment, but the car has no problems starting or running, cold or at Temp. Try this, and if it still has the issue, let me know.


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