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rear main seal

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hi guys,
          my rear main seal is leaking and i want to change it. i just dont know how involved it is. i know i have to disconnect the transmission. i did have a question though. it seems like my transmission isnt acting right. when i take off it seems like it doesnt want to catch right away. almost like its going to die. it doesnt but it has bever done that. there definetely is a problem because the torque isnt all there. would this have something to do with the rear main seal. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

Yes, you have to take the transmission out of the engine in order to replace the rear seal of the engine.  It would be easier to take the entire engine out of the engine bay if you don't have a lift.   As far as the transmission not shifting properly, first check the fluid level, and if that is OK, you need to adjust the bands.  Go to the Classic section and the FAQ section of that forum to read about how to do that. 

no i dont have a lift i know i had to remove the engine from the transmission. al i have is 2 floor jacks and 4 jack stands. i also only have a few weeks before i go back to work. so i have to get it done soon. about how long does that job take.

Are you planning on doing the job yourself with only two floor jacks and 4 jack stands? 

My experiance has been when that seal fails it is because the bearing are worn and most likely the engine is in need of an overhaul. Replaceing the seal is a major job and with the work you have to put into it just to stop it from leaking then to run the risk of the leak returning shortly is not worth it. Now would be a good time to consider freshing up the engine. Might not be as expensive as you might think..


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