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I want to put a new camshaft in my stock 5.0 engine.  What type of camshaft should i get?

what other mods do you have? gears? etc all of that makes a difference

i have bbk headers, flowmaster and cold air intake, i have had the car for about 2 years and am just starting to mess around with it im 18 so im limited to money supply so im trying to do things that will be in my price range

On a stock motor you can get a Ford Racing B303 cam and not have to worry about clearance issues.   This is where Xnutt usually gets his cams from and they work great.

yeah but the i personally would save up some more and do H/C/I(heads,cam,intake) all at the same time afr165 are great along with the steeda cam and a good intake to opick up is a used 96-01 v8 explorer intake it flows about the same as a gt40/cobra intake for about half the cost of one.

i picked up an entire explorer motor for 200$ the explorer also have gt40 cast iron heads and as stated above the intake and add a good cam like the f303 or b303 cam and roller rockers you can easily obtain 300 rear wheel horsepower and that will be nothing to sneeze at


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