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Problems with 1991 Mustang GT


My 1991 Mustang GT spudders, and hesitates when I start it up and while Im driving. It will sometimes die on my and I let it sit for 15 mins and it will fire right back up like nothing happened. It doesn't happen everytime through. It can run for weeks and not mess up then the next day it can be acting up. Im not sure what is wrong and the guy that works on my car can't figure it out. I took to Ford and they couldn't find anyting wrong with the car. Can anyone help me?

might be the tfi module its on the side of the distributor they have problems when they get old and get hot. as for your sputtering how old are you cap,rotor, wires and plugs?

check your map sensor i had an 88 gt do the same thing . the map sensor plug was loose and finally fell out....... from this

to this.....

this is the car i speak about due to the wreck it knocked the plug loose but i've seen them come loose or the map start going bad

(i fixed it in 3 days ... bought it wrecked)

have you check the electrical wiring?? and when was the last time you did a tune-up.
have you changed the starter solenoid ?.. diode supressed on the driver side fender wall


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