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OK. I am planning a small tune up consisting of plugs/wires this weekend and would like some solid advice. I have a 94 GT 5.0 H.O. Its automatic. I want to know what I should consider/buy. I want smoother running/more power and maybe even some savings at the pump. I am already planning on bigger throttle body/injectors and maybe a intake. So any help in this decision making would be great. I am not sure if I should go iridums or plats. Maybe you can reccommend something better? The motor has 152k on it. So Im not wanting to spend $8 a plug. Thanks in advance.

i just run motorcraft stockers from autozone id do a cap and rotor, clean the maf meter and also bump the timing you get more power and gain some MPG at the same time :) id do a fuel filter too and if you wnat to put up the cash go ahead and do a k+n filter

Any suggestions on brand/type of cap/rotor?

If you don't have MSD or any other aftermarket cap already on there, just go with stock stuff.  There is also nothing wrong with stock wires and plugs, especially since you have a stock set-up.  Autozone/pepboys etc.  can outfit you with all that stuff.  Iridium and platinum plugs are not worth the price.  Stick with what the factory put in it. 

id buy motorcraft everything, unless your gonna pony up the cash to do the full ignition upgrade.


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