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parts interchange?

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i have the chance to buy a 95 mustang with a 5.0 ond 5 speed that was wrecked, can onyone tell me what parts will inter change with my 88 gt with 5.0 and 5 speed, i no the body is different but what about drive train parts?

the motor is identical pretty much besides the upper intake the timing cover harmonic balancer and the distributor. all of these parts can be swapped off of your old motor. the transmission can also be used if you swap in the input shaft and the bellhousing from the 86-93 body 5speed

also the electric fan can be adapted and the 130amp alternator as an upgrade. the alt will be a huge upgrade in the entire electrical system of the car and well worth it

ok thanks i also read this car will donate all parts for 5 lug swap i pic it up monday thanks for the help

yes it will personally id just swap the entire rear end instead of removing 2 set of brakes also take not it will widen the track of the car

id get the car and sell all the rest of it

im interested in the ccrm that bolts to the radiator if it is in working shape

what is that? if ya can get me a pic i'll check the part and let ya know if its good


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