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thats the way it goes though right? finally fixed my water leak problem after installing three new freeze plugs. ran smooth, so i decided to take it for its second test drive around the block. which was fun.....  but when i get home i get out and notice my entire carport and a good bit of my driveway is covered in gas. so i throw up the hood and fuel is spewing out all around the driver side fuel injectors. a lot of gas... so i quickly turn of the car. got everything tore off and down to the injectors. i think they're all ok, hopefully i'm just gonna have to get a seal kit. its $2.50 per injector so thats not too bad. so like i said, one thing after another, but this is the price we pay when we own old mustangs right Soaring? i'm ok with that. its worth it for sure.

You said it.....that's the price we pay.  Think of it this way.  By the time you get through replacing everything on that '93, you will be an expert in how to repair '93 Mustangs.   ;D

F-O-R-D...what's it stand for? :P :( >:( :) ;) :D ;D
But we still love 'em.

first on race day? fix or repare daily? found on road dead? they're all true. but you're right, we still love them.

We used to call them frauds, but those days are long passed.  My '65 is 45 years old and still running like a jack rabbit and it has the original drivetrain. 
Most of what was shoddy with Fords years ago was the body.  The suspension squeaked and the doors wouldn't shut, etc.   Most folks who owned a Ford back then didn't take very good care of them.  For instance, the suspension had grease zerks, but most folks didn't have a grease gun, and there were no quik lubes back then.  Yes, the filling stations could grease them, but folks were just ignorant about this important step in maintenance.  Chevrolet owners suffered the same dismal maintenance issue.  Those with Cadillacs usually took them to a dealship regularly for maintenance.  Ford owners were cheapskates. ;D
European cars were very expensive, and the Japanese cars were extremely cheap cars.  They fell apart in a matter of a few years.    Korea didn't even make cars back then. 


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