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haha  yes maintenance is a very important part of owning any car.  my car is now 17 years old. original block. got the tranny out of a 4cyl mustang. rear end came out of an explorer. has the 5 lug conversion on front and back, shorty headers, 3" exhaust, K&N air filter, underdrive pulleys, a/c delete, interior came out of a 01 mustang, but other than that its mostly stock.  whats the stock fuel injectors 19lbs? i'd like to get ahold of a better intake manifold and some better injectors.

How's that four banger transmission holding up?  And, why did you have to upgrade to 5 lugs on a '93 GT?

well the tranny is awesome. you almost don't need 1st, it spins tires really easy. i generally start off in 2nd. 3rd and 4th pull really hard and even 5th gear is a pulling gear. i love it.  not sure about the 5 lug upgrade. bought it like that. but without it my rims would not fit. i'll try to get some pictures up of her. paint is in horrible condition but no rust. used to be red but i think she'll be primer colored for a while. i like the way primer looks.

Don't leave it in primer too long.  Primer tends to soak up moisture.

thanks, thats good to know.


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