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old heads on roler motor pushrod???????????


hey new to the forum and forums in general looking foreword to it let me start by asking for help lol but i can be of help with lots of 5.0 stuff anyhow im building a 5.0 roller i have a set of P&P c90e heads that im running with stock rockers now stock 302 flat lifters with that head calls for 6.5" push rod stock 5.0 roller calls for 6.3" i think what push rod size do i need with roller motor and those old school heads with stock cast rockers and stock valves will the stock 5.0 pushrods work??????????? if no one has a answer links or hints will help thank you   

I believe you are going to have to assemble the motor and use an adjustable pushrod to determine the appropriate length.   I would not be comfortable guessing as to the proper length.  On the plus side, changing pushrods out is pretty simple.


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