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ok, change of plans on the capri, but now more problems....ugh!!


ok so, im realizing a few problems now that im really getting to work on the damn thing....first, going from a 1981 car, to a 1988 motor, theres a few problems...the capri had the battery and solenoid on the pass. side....the mustang had it on the drivers that i got all the fuel injection stuff back on the motor, the battery wont fit on the pass. side. what do i do? do i go rob a junkyard mustang of its inner fender aprons? and im realizing all the plugs are different, like the plug that runs from in the car to the trans....the plugs are completly different....what do i do? im dreading the fact that i might have to do a complete rewire from the taillights to the headlights, but at this point, i dont see any other choice. any suggestions??? im DESPERATE!!!


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