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I just bought a 1984 mustang with a 302 4bl and put a new starter solenoid and fuel pump in and still wont fire. Going to shoot car please help.

Check to see if you are getting fire to the #1 cylinder.  If not, then it needs to be timed.  Also, if it is a carburetor engine, take off the fuel line and see if you are getting fuel up to the carb.  If not, then the fuel pump is not working, or the fuel line is somehow stopped up.  Check the fuel filter to see if it is stopped up. 

i'll give those a shot tomorrow and see how it goes, and dont worry i was joking about the shooting bit. I have wanted a fox 5.0 for too long, lol.

does anyone have a engine diagram for a carburated 302?

Not sure just what you are looking for, but here is a diagram of a 302.  Hit the "zoom in" button after clicking on the link below.


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