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My New 1985 Mustang Gt 5.0 (Need Help) lots of it....

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Hey guys im new to both mustangs and to posting in these forums. I have read them for a long time and gathered that there are some seasoned pros here and all others seem very knowledgeable. So with that said i just bought a1985 mustang gt 5.0 4bbl stock as of now. I was wondering what my first step to preparing this car for a single turbocharger would be, example: like cams,headers, or just a tune up thanks for your thoughts in advance and if you wouldn't mind stating the price and difficulty of the job along with your post id really appreciated it Thanks!

You need to tell us just how mean you want that puppy to be, and how deep your pockets are.  The old saying is that power costs money. 

Haha i hear ya well i want to produce around 350-400hp money wise im 17 ill just leave it at that

Then, just drive the car as it is until you have enough money to invest in power options. 

yeah i plan to but my dad said he will help me out if i come up with a solid plan so thats why im asking for help i need you guys haha ;D


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