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I just Bought a 93 LX conv 5.0 It has a Cobra Intake, Under drive Pulley's and Flowmaster mufflers. I am Planning on put Shorty Headers a catted after market H pipe and the super 44's cat back system soon. Any other minor mods i can do to help the performance and do i need any type of chip .Its been 15 years since ive had a 5.0 so i am a little out of touch! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest that you talk with a professional regarding performance chips.  That's about the only advice I can give.  Call them......888-226-9764

scratch those shorties and go long tube. cold air is another way. i agree on the pro for a chip. if you ge tit has to be tuned and everything, dont try to buy one of those plug-n-play chips, garbage.


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