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maf to throttle bodies


i just had a quick question/confirmation. does the maf have to be bigger than the throttle body. i have a 75mm tb and i think ive either heard or read that the maf should be bigger. if so is 76mm maf big enough or should i get an 80mm.

the maf can be as big as you want it, i have a 76mm c+l on my 91 gt

now if you plan on boosting etc you might want a lightning mass air meter for huge flow but for a n/a cruiser you can do the 70mm from a 94-95 mustang 5.0 for cheap off of ebay(you need a air filter adapter)

or do the c+l 76mm for coin, the good thing about the c+l if you upgrade injectors later or all you need is a new sample tube to calibrate it ;)

yeah if i do the injectors they will be at the same time. i saw on ebay a package deal with a 76 0r 80 mm maf and 42 lb injectors. im thinking im going to pick one of them up.

those are for a super charged car and are huge for the street

24 lbs are for a H/C/I car or a little over stock

well thanks again for the help. i think you guys have answered my questions again. until next time.


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