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lost of power ? 16.7 in 1/4 mile

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yep , when i was running aod tranny and 2bbl carburator with stock intake it run 17.08

hello people, im new in this forum . my name is maik, im from mex and im here because u are the ford comunity !!!

i have a old engine, a 302 with flat hydraulic lifters, cam 278 intake, torker II intake,  edelbrock 600cfm 4bbl and im running the stock exhaust manifolds. rear end its 4.08 with 245-40-18 tires in the back and same in the front.  for ignition im running a small device called crane cams ignitor, it replace the stock point and looks stock into the distributo .the rev limiter i set it to 5700.

why im running to much time in the 1/4 time? the tranny its a manual t5.

yep , when i was running aod tranny and 2bbl carburator with stock intake it run 17.08
now with all this mods i run 16.7!!

here is some video

maybe im running to much rpms ??

thanks to all who take time and read this =)

sorry for my bad english, im learning very slow !

burnout some years ago with the stock 302 and aod tranny !!

If you want to improve the 1/4 mile time you are going to have to replace the heads with aftermarket aluminum heads (AFR) , a Weiand intake, and some long tube exhaust headers.  Take it out the back with some decent flowing mufflers like Flowmasters and you will not only improve the power band but you will imrove the sound of that Mustang. 

did u read when i said it was a non high output engine? i know they are like 145-150hp !!! but why this engine dont improve power?

heads were rebuild when i didt those modifications.

so any other help?  i dont know if timming is right because i dont use a gun to start engine.

what about revs? 5700 to high?

the lifters are flat taped hydraulic. they are non roller !!!

that was the final advice?? i need a little of help =) only a little or a way to follow =)

i expend a little with all this things to get rid of them but if some of u think it is the best way and get rid of them i will !!!


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