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lost of power ? 16.7 in 1/4 mile

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16. something is really not all that bad for a stock engine.  If you build at least the top half with what I suggested, you are going to get into the low 15's, maybe high 14's.  With stock manifolds  for intake and exhaust, and stock heads, that engine is not breathing properly.  That is a fairly mild cam as well.  If you really want to get serious, then tear that engine down and start from scratch with flat top pistons, heavy duty crank and bearings, then the top end as I suggested before .

i will switch to the stock cam and see what happend.  any advice of how high in revs i can go with the stock cam? i think this engine is not a reved engine because its a non HO

5.7 is probably about the red line on that engine.  I would change gears at 5.0 while drag racing. 

thank you very much !!! =)

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