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Just got it and there she blows....

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Well I joined this forum not too long, right before I bought a "new to me" used 92 5.0.  Happy as ever to have a hot rod again... Knowing that this was bought as a rolling project, I had many plans for paint and interior so fourth and so on.

So anyways... after driving the car for days I quickly found out that the syncros was bad in 2nd and 3rd gear.  So I decided that for my first project I would rebuild the T5 in it. No biggie.. right? So me and my buddy (who is a transmission tech) set out get the job done right away.  Pull it out, tear it down, put it back together with all new parts, and re-install in the car! Woo hoo! I am happy again.

Drive the car to work it is shifting great... running good.. life is good   :) I feel even more proud because I was able to build my own tranny (with a little help of course).  So the next day I drive to work and on the way in I notice it was not running as smooth as the day before, but still good.  So I get up to a stop light and figure I will play and see how the tranny shifts under a load. So I get on it.. but not too hard.. hit second gear then all of a sudden it starts cutting out bad.. then backfires a few times then boom.. tons of white/light grey smoke/steam comes bellowing out.

I pulled over right away and shut it off and call a tow truck in shame..

I am thinking that maybe it just blew a head gasket or some thing or worse case that maybe one of the trickflow heads on it might be cracked.   So anyways I tore in to it this past weekend, and get every thing off down to my lower intake.  This is where I get mad  >:( All the lower intake bolts were barely tightened down. I mean just over finger tight!  So I take off the lower intake and I find the block cracked all the way down the middle.    So my guess is, that because the intake was not torqued down to spec, it had sucked cold air and cracked the block.  Unless it was like that from the day I bought it. And finally just gave out on me.

So now my new adventure is to get a new block and start fresh.  I have everything pulled out now and going to try to salvage what I can.  So the only real question I have is, when I go buy a 302 block.. will any 302 block work? Or does it have to come out of a 5.0?  There is no real difference in blocks right?  Thanks


oh man... NO they are NOT all the same.

Older blocks were flat-tappet non-roller cam blocks.

The blocks found in the 5.0l Mustangs are Roller-cam blocks.  1985 and up. 
   Sorry to hear about your cracked block. 

Okay thanks Soaring.  That is good information to know..

And it is okay... I am not mad anymore.  Now I am just in lets get it built mode.  My wife on the other hand well thats a different story lol.  She is not happy about the money I am going to spend.  But when it comes to guys and their cars when are the wives not mad haha

My SWMBO and I have an understanding that the garage and my Mustangs are strictly my responsibility, and she will say nothing when it comes to spending money on the Mustangs.  We also have an understanding that the house is hers to worry about, and that I won't sau anything about her spending money on the house.  That understanding has been upheld for over 30 years now without a complaint from either of us.  I make the money, and she spends most of it.   ;D

Ha Ha good stuff...  ;D

As soon as I purchase/find a suitable block for replacement... I will start a thread showing progress of my build. 


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