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heater core replacement/88/Gt conv/w/air

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 Hi!.[1]My heater core started leaking on the weekend,i have a 1988 Gt Conv,is there some place i can find a step by step on how to replace this unit as i understand its a full days work.[2]what kind or where to buy the best ones as i hope this will not have to be changed again.

Hi jlmust.
1. Here is a step by step article about the replacement of a heater core on a 79/93 Mustang:
Mustang Monthly
2. Any Mustang parts store will have them in stock. Here is one of them:
Mustangs Unlimited

Thanks,thats exactly what i was looking for,now let the fun begin.

I hope you are young and limber.  That's a tight squeeze under there.  Be sure to stock up the garage refrigerator with plenty of beer.   :o

Well,some people I think i'm old and pudgy and at the end of the day,i sometimes think there right,lol.My fridge is always full of Coor Light,you never know when somebody's going to drop in.


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