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I have a 93 Cobra, and I am looking for some headers for it. Could somebody give me some options, with some performance info, and mods required?

i don't know about the cobra's but anything is better than the stock shorties on the 5.0.- lots of options,shorties- long tube(if you get long tubes you have to get a shorter h-pipe) - ceramic coated is a good idea- look for headers w/a full flange, makes it much easier to install-- good luck

Well, there's Bassini, BBK, Mac and Hedman among others.  My choice would be the BBK 15161 ceramic coated long tubes that just bolt right on.  You may have to lose some of the length of the H pipe or even install another one, but don't consider the shorties. 

I hope that this should help...

i have shorties and want long tubes bad. i would go long tubes.


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