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has anyone ever heard of this problem?

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i hope someone here has heard of this problem and knows how to fix it, because the 2 dealerships i have been to are competely stymied. when i turn the key to start the car it will start up and then immediately shut off. sometimes you can rev the motor up and keep it running, but ot often. usually it will just shut off and if you give it too much gas it will back fire.
here are some things that have been replaced; ignition module and distributor, the cats were taken off and an h pipe was put on, and something about a fuel sensor but im not sure. im still trying to get a full list of all the work done.
the funny part is that all the work was not done at the same time. the ignition module was replaced first and the car worked great for a week and then it would go back to not starting. at which point it was taken back and another thing would be fixed and it would work great for another week.
when i get the full list i will post it here. hopefully one of you guys is saying " i know what the problem is" and you need to see the whole list.

thanks for the help all

ok here is an update. i talked to a mechanic at work and he said to clean the idle air control solenoid, so i just went and bought a new one. it has'nt totally fixed the problem, but i can get the car started now. it wont just start right up, you have to play with the gas a little to re start it everytime you shut it off. i am going to clean the throttle body and put new plugs in and see if that helps. if anyone has any suggestions i would be happy to hear them.

Jerry Baker:
Glad to hear that you might be getting it fixed.   I wanted to be able to help but I have no clue were to even start.

I had a similar problem with my 90 5.0 turns out it was the tps (needed to be calibrated) and a new computer. Problem gona after that.

sorry it has taken so long to update, but i built myself and my father in law new computers, so i've been without internet for a few days :(
you were right on the money faststhang, it was the computer. she runs and idles great now! when i get my mess cleaned up in the computer room im going to see about uploading a picture.


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