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i recently bought a 1988 gt with a mildly built 5.0 it has 245 40 18 tires on it which is a 25.6" tire it has a stock 5 speed tranny, i want a rearend ratio which will still be a comprimise between good torque and good highway rpm i currently have a 3.73 ratio put in by the previous owner please let me know yer opinion                                   

In the 5.0's we've had in the past we had those, 3.08's, and 3.55's.  Personally I like the 3.55's better.  They were good for torque and highway miles.  But it all depends on how people drive.

ok good i have a axles out of old f150 ive had both 8.8s one with 3.55 and one with 3.08s  i bieleive the ring and pinion are the same as my stang am i correct? i will keep my carrier w/ ls

Your best bet is to keep the 3.73's with the 18" tires on there.  The axles are different in a f150 and a mustang.  They won't work.

arnt the ring and pinion the same being they are both 8.8s im not saying im right im just curious i would keep the 3.73s but 65 mph is 2700 rpm and that seems a lil high


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