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Actually you're right about the ring and pinion, it's the trac loc that has a different spline between the 2.  But the 65mph @ 2700 rpm is actually great.

65 at 2700 RPM is great???  This guy is going to have to sell his soul to be able to buy gasoline for that hotrod.   ;D  My 03 Mach runs at 2000 RPM at 80 MPH with the 5 speed overdrive, and I get right at 26 MPG on  the freeway.  My 65 with a 2.73 rear is getting right at 20 MPG at maintaining a 75 MPH speed on the freeway.  Granted, it is a well tuned 289.  With 3.55's, and running 2700 at 65, I would expect him to see maybe 13-16 MPG.  Not good when you are paying over 4 bux a gallon. But, we didn't buy Mustangs for gas mileage anyway, did we?   ;D

after driving it for about a week now 14 mpg isn't going to cut it im willing to lose some low end to get lower rpms on the highway other than that i love this car ive always wanted a mustang and now will never go without one

I believe my nephew's 02 GT has something like 325 gears, and he gets over 20 MPG on the freeway in 5th.  The thing is, you need to change out the tranny and/or the gears to get up into the 20's. 


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