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i've spent a lot of time and money getting this car to work right. finally got everything running, new power steering pump, wires, plugs, oil, new gas tank, filters, got the timing done, tires, brakes, etc....... took it for a test drive earlier, first time its been driven in a couple years. ran great, shifted easily, lots of horsepower, lots of torque.  get home and notice the radiator is low. so i start filling it up and then i hear it from under the engine. water pouring out. crawl up under it and there it is, water hitting me in the forehead. a freeze plug. i know its an easy fix. just frustrating....

Face it brother, you don't have a new car.  That shit is going to be cropping up all the time, but you still own an old  Mustang that you are still driving.  Freeze plugs are easy to replace.  Quit bitching and just replace it.   :D  Come down to Texas this summer and let me treat you to a classic Texas BBQ meal and talk about our old Mustangs.   South Carolina isn't that far from Texas, and we may get some other Texans and a North Carolina member to show up. 

well hell yeah. that sounds like a good time to me. lots of gas money, but that would be a fun trip. no a/c though....  :'(  freeze plugs are pretty easy to replace. most of the trouble is getting the old one out. any tips? its the one at the bottom back of the engine driver side. i was thinking of using one of the rubber expandable freeze plugs.

I rebuilt a 4 cylinder Ford engine one time that I put into a kit car 1929 Mercedes, and the rubber expandable freeze plugs worked well, so if you go that direction, I would recommend it. 

well i think i'm going to have to. when i checked the leak it was dark and i was using a flash light. today i crawl under there and its actually 3 different plugs that came out and i don't think theres any way i could beat a new metal one in. i should be able to get a wrench to the expandable ones. i hope... atleast i didn't go to the store and buy a new one only to discover i need three....


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