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thats not how mine is right now. but it still fires up and runs. it runs rough though. that normal? will it still start up if its not wired right, i've also noticed that i have to turn my distributor a lot futher clockwise than most pictures i see of other engines. if i put it where it appearently should be, it bogs down and cuts off. some kind of timing issue i'm assuming. that or the firing order. i'll have to find out after i figure out if i screwed up my battery. dropped a wrench the other day and it just happened to land on both post at the same time. since then it just won't hold a charge. it'll crank up and run if i jump it off and it'll crank up once or twice after that. but then it dies. could be the alternator?

Try the firing order I gave you, get the timing at about 10 BTDC, get a new battery, then see if that doesn't fix it.  You probably fried a cell or two on the battery when you shorted it.  You may just have one or two wires going to the wrong plugs.   It wil start and run, but will be shitty. 

i'll get right on it in the morning. i know a place that sells reconditioned batteries for about $30. and relocating some wires isn't too hard... 


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