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finally my dreams have come true, not bad for 21....

I started working on the farm tractors.  Learned the ins and outs of mechanical things at the early age of 12 or so.  From there, it progressed to autos.  That's how we learn about these things.  Nothing wrong with self-taught experience. 

Glad you got the freeze plug problem fixed. The best way to learn how to do something is by making mistakes so you can learn what not to the next time you have a problem.

well i'm just glad i didn't have to pull the motor. i've still got to do a lot to the car. power steering problems still... and i need to get it timed properly, it acts weird while idling. whats the firing order for a 302 ho?  i also need to replace the tensioner pulley. it sounds horrible. squeals extremely loud when i hit the gas but quiets down shortly after.  i'm not completely untrained. my father was a mechanic for years. he worked on bowties though...  and i went to nascar technical institute for about 6 months. couldn't finish my courses cause i ran out of money. it cost $30,000 for 15 months. but thats not why i quit. i couldn't afford rent and gas and food on a waiter's salery. $3.13 an hour plus tips (my bigest tip was $18) and i could only work a part time job cause i had school 7 hours a day 5 days a week.  but what it comes down to is that school is for rich kids with rich dad's. only 4% of people that graduate from there go to work for nascar. the other 96% get stuck with a dealership job.

The firing order for all 289's and 302's  is        15426378

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