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Right now I am having problems with my car... Right now i can not go over 3500 rpms... When i reach that it starts to tach out... I ran my codes with the key in the on position and 81,82,85,84,22,33 and 95 came up. I also ran the codes with the car running and 33,94 and 44 came up. I know some of these are smog codes and i am running long tube headers but for the others, what are the specifics that i need to do to get these to go away?

OK, let's start by identifying which car you are talking about.  The 64 1/2 Mustang didn't have a computer, unless you altered it. 

that is correct but i did a efi swap in it. So i now have a computer... I put a motor from a 1991 5.0. I did a head and cam swap (f303 cam) long tube headers, typhoon upper and lower intake, msd dizzy,coil and 6AL box.

i was having this same prob. try cleaning your maf.

Yeah, most everytime you have a missing problem with those EFI's it goes back to a dirty MAF.  That is a part of the maintenance you have to do everytime you change the oil and filter.   I have a K&N air filter on my 03 Mach, and whenever I clean the K&N, I also clean the  MAF.  Works for me. 


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