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Dome light Switch


Does anyone know where the dome light switch in the door is on a 95 GT??? My dome light is on and won't go off. I got the Chilton manual but it sucks, doesn't show anything about it.

Yes I already checked the interior light switch on the headlight knob, and it's off.

Thanks for any help...

Turn your headlight switch left and right to see if that is it.  I don't really know about a 95, but that is where it is on most Mustangs. 

it should be in the door jamb in the area by your feet there is one on both side

Yeah, if it is the little switch that activates your dome light when you open the door, then yes it is a little black button that is activated by the door jamb.  But if you are already in the car with the doors shut and want a light, there should be a way to activate the overhead light.  Some have it built right into the dome light with a switch, and others have it activated by the headlight switch. 


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