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c4 shifting issue


I just bought a 79 pace car some one took out the turbo and put a c4 with a 302 in it. When you take off you have to shift it manually when it hits 3rd gear you have to back off the throttle a little it will then shift in to 3rd if you dont it slips. When you get it in 3rd it will not slip at all. Is their a good starting point to check? It has vac. line hooked up to the holly carb and the linkage is hooked to trans. Any help would be great. Thanks

Welcome to the site.  I don't know what you are talking about, but you may have a tranny with a limited slip, or it has some altercatiion that keeps it in 2nd until you manually shift it to third.  The C-4 only has three foreward gears.   

What would i have to change to put a AOD pre 91 trans in it? Would the drive shaft length be the same?


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