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Big problem after a fairly easy fix! Please help me! :(

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Hey Guys!

I need help big time!
I have a 1984 5.0 4V LX Convertible with 4 speed manual.
It was working OK (I just bought it) but I figured that a tune-up wouldn't hurt so I bought a 9mm Ford racing wire set and an original Motorcraft SP502 spark plugs. (Checked the official Motorcraft website and it was firing up at the first time!)
I changed the plugs, no problem but right after when I changed the wires and fired it up it was sputtery and almost stalling, the idle was very-very low and it was "coughing up gasoline at the back of the exhaust tip, squirting blackish gasoline!
Now I figured that I must have been messed up the wiring so I came here to check what has to be done! (I made a mistake and never wrote down my own settings what I had before the install)
Since than I tried all of these setups, 302, 351 and nothing! Not even a spark of joy!


None of these worked.


What should I do? Any more diagrams what I can try?

Thank You Guys!


the top order is for a h.o. motor. and the ather one is non h.o. which should be yours. if all you did is the plugs and wires im not sure what the issue could be.

Yepp. That's it! Plugs and wires. When I hooked it up the first time copying the original setup, it was running but problems like what I mentioned above came up so I started to look for a solution since then I lost my original setup and can't make it happen with the infos what I got so far from the net.

This is my nightmare-bedtime story for today! :(

Question! When You take off the top of the distribution cap is it important where that piece inside is facing?

The firing order for any 289-302 is 15426378.  Most likely you started from the wrong #1 plug on the distributor.  Look at the top of the dizzy and the #1 wire should be at 1:00 o'clock on the dizzy cap, then go left or counter-clockwise for the #5 wire and so on.  If that doesn't solve the problem, then you have a bad set of wires.  The rotor can only be placed one way because of the groove.  Don't worry about which direction the rotor is facing if you haven't changed anything but the plugs and wires. 
The piston placement for the firing order is the #1 is the front left (passenger side) followed by 2-3 and 4.  The right side is front 5, then 6-7-8. 

4    8
3    7
2    6
1    5


Yepp! Mickey Mouse right there!
I hooked it up with the 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. But shifted the hole thing so on the #5 plug is on the #1 mark on the distribution cap! (#4 plug on 5, #2 on 4, and so on and so on)

IT WORKED! No gas from the tail-pipe! Perfect. A little hesitation, lower idle but ok.

So here's my other question:
If it worked like this then I guess it won't work with this order, right!?
1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 ?

Now all I have to do is to stab it the way it suppose to be and we're in business!!

A Good day for me!

Is mine H.O.?
Then how can I find that out for sure!?
All I know is that someone changed the carburator on the car already.
I got an Edelbrock 4 BBL

Any other things what I should look for to determine what kind of "power-house" I got!?

Sorry for all these questions, I'm a newbie for these cars but willing to learn everything!!!


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