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Battery wont stay charged.

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The short version of the story is that the battery on my '94 5.0L will not stay charged - and its not a charging system problem although you'd think it was (the car only gets driven once or twice every couple weeks) . I seem to get maybe a year out of a battery, two if I'm lucky. I have noticed that the dome lights come on all by themselves, but have yet to be able to stop that from happening. I'm going to soak the door switches with lubricant again shortly.

The other night we were sitting out around the campfire and the lights would randomly come on. In addition, the factory installed cell phone (bag phone) was beeping..which I usually only hear when the battery gets reconnected. I unplugged that.

I think there is a current drain somewhere, but don't know what else to look at. I completely disconnected the aftermarket CD changer too...just to eliminate that. Oh yeah, the battery is "new" - September last year.

Thanks for the read

94 5.0L Convertable

Get a trickle battery charger. 


--- Quote from: Soaring on August 16, 2010, 05:29:43 AM ---Get a trickle battery charger.

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Explain, please. I've got a nice big juicy battery charger with setting for 2 Amps...will that suffice?

A trickle battery charger is a small box that puts out less than 1 amp.  You keep it plugged in any time you aren't driving the car.  Then in the meantime, chase down the cause of the dome light coming on.  The 2 amp will overcharge the battery if left on too long.  You can get a trilckle charger at any auto parts store. 

hey thanks for providing great information on trickle battery charger as i face the same problem and it will definitely help me i guess ..


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