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backfiring, popping

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Rmodel65 is a pretty fart smeller........errr.  Smart feller.   ;D

yeah part of the prob was my air filter. i started to notice a slight reoccurence of the same issue today. i bought a new filter and cleaned the maf again so that should do it. it wasnt popping or anything like that just not like it was right after i cleaned the maf last week. plus i have been driving through a lot of dusty areas lately due to all the stinkin construction.

Glad you were able to solve the problem.  I spend most of a day out of each 6 months or so doing maintenance on my Mustangs.  That's just the nature of the beast.  Which reminds me.  I need to clean the K&N filter on the Mach tomorrow.  Thanks for the reminder. 

im think im gonna start doin that too. no prob. my last airfilter wasnt a k&n but i picked one up sonowi just have to clean it instead of replacing it.

Yeah, the K&N will last you about a million miles if maintained properly.  Be sure to get the recharger kit to clean it with.  You just have to spray the filter and let it sit for awhile, then just use the garden hose to wash it.  The K&N is made from cotton, not paper, so it will clean up nicely.  When it turns pink again, it's clean. 


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