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Auto Trans Interlock?


1991 GT vert w/ auto trans . . . sequence of issues is as follows:

Wife drives car into driveway, won't shut off . . . neighbor pulls battery cable to shut down car.

I replaced solenoid and car starts/runs fine for 4-5 weeks.

Then, wife goes to start car and will not start - no clicking, cranking - - - nothing.

I replace ignition switch and car starts . . . but, cannot put in gear - - - stuck in park - - - is there some kind of interlock mechanism that needs adjustment?

Note: I have purchased a new ignition lock cylinder, but before installing, thought I would touch base with experts on this board.


The only interlock system I know of ls a device you have to blow into, and if you are drunk the car won't run.  The shifter on your Mustang could be worn enough that you need to replace it with something like a Steeda Tri-X shifter. 


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