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94 Power window problems

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Can anyone help me?
My wife's 1994 Mustang convertible has a power window problem. The front windows rarely go up without a problem, they chatter and stop before going all the way up and they don't go down all the way ether.
Sometimes they go all the way up and the motor does not stop it just chatter until you hit the switch again.
Is there some type of power relay or resister that tells it when to stop?

sounds like the bushings in the motor are gone there are three rollers inside the motor doesnt know when to stop if they are broken

you can find them ont he help aisle at the auto parts store for about 6$ gotta take the window motor apart though

The power window motor (held in with 3 bolts) is attached to a gear drive.  The gear you see on the outside of the unit is attached to a plastic gear inside that has an epoxy filler inside to retain a triangular end piece that is connected to the small external gear.  What has happened is that the epoxy has broken into small pieces and is allowing the gear to slip.  before too long the window will stop going up or down.
You can get a replacement motor assembly used for about $15 or a new aftermarket for about $60.

Email me and I will send you pics of what I am talking about.

yeah pretty much but there not really epoxy they are plastic rollers, technically you could throw some nuts in there but they are made to shear if someone puts there arm in there and rolls the window up

So that's what all the little plastic chunks were!  Thanks!


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