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I have a 1994 mustang GT 5.0 manual trans. that will sputter when it hot or cold and when we press down on the gas fully then we receive minimal power(slow rise in rpms) until we get to approx. 2000 rpms in which we will not get any more power.  However we can still gain speed or get power above if we are lightly touching the gas.  The current gear is not the problem.  We can be on a 15 degree grade uphill and still be slowing down(not very fast but still slowing down)with the gas at full throttle but with just a little bit of throttle, we will get better response.  Basically, on level or uphill grade, with the throttle at full we have extremely little power/response. but with very minimal throttle we get more power/response.  Our beliefs is that it is the calytic converter.

cats might be a problem, try pulling the O2's out and start it up see if it runs better.

also try unplugging the mass air meter see if it runs better, if it does remove the 2 screws and clean the element with some maf cleaner and a q tip

also check the readings on the tps sensor

Our cats are getting hot enough to start turning red and will singe pinestraw that is under them.  Does anyone know the approx. standard temp of the cats?

if they are glowing they are definitely bad, you can go for an off road h-pipe(cheapest route if you dont have to pass a smog test) or you can pony up the extra cash and buy a new h pipe with high flow cats, or pick up a junkyard unit good place for used parts is they are the largest late model mustang dismantler i have used them before with good luck :)

also might want to look into replacing the O2 sensors(2 of them) alot of times failed cats are from bad o2s that made the car run rich they run about 40$ a piece autozone carries bosch parts these are fords oem supplier for the O2's so id pick them up from there best price i have seen.

Also it blows out black smoke when we hit the gas even lightly pressing it.  It does not blow out a big cloud, but only just enough to notice it.  Could it be related to my problems(cats,O2 sensors, etc.?)  What could be its problem?  In my opinion this car did like most fords do, they work mostly well then all at once "everything" goes wrong.


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